The Annual Finland Classic Motor Show

The Classic Motor Show is Finland’s largest annual classic car event and always very heavily attended by the public and collectors from the region. E-Drive Retro was fortunate to have struck a collaborative partnership arrangement with Grips Garage the week before this event. Grips Garage is one of Finland’s finest Classic Car Restoration companies and a sponsor and highly visible exhibitor at this event annually.
Oskari Åvall Founder and CEO of Grips Garage gracious end enthusiastically invited  E-Drive Retro to join them in displaying our iconic GT6-EV prominently on the stand at the show and the results were tremendous!

This special tradeshow handout piece, translated into Finnish, was printed to hand out to the crowds, announcing the E-Drive Retro + Grips Garage partnership:

eDrive_postcard_front eDrive_postcard_back

The attendance was close to 17,000 on Saturday and again on Sunday with hundreds of cards handed out and many automotive press and collectors taking great interest in the E-Drive Retro “E-DRIVE1” GT6-EV.


e-Drive Retro replaces a vintage vehicle’s complete fossil fuel drivetrain with a robust Nordic-engineered plug-in electric drivetrain featuring a proprietary control and communications system that delivers an exhilarating and authentic driving experience, which can be enjoyed reliably with minimal maintenance.