e-Drive Retro Officially Launches Business Across Northern Europe

Company Transforms Classic Cars of Yesteryear Into Electric Vehicles of Tomorrow, Extending The Life and Long-­Term Value of Today’s Iconic Collectibles 

Miami Beach, FL USA & Helsinki, Finland – August 1, 2016 – e-­Drive Retro, an early leader in transforming vintage cars into sustainably collectible electronic vehicles, today announced that it is officially open for business across Northern Europe. The company has also launched its new and improved web presence, located at e-­driveretro.com.

As the leader of an entirely new automotive category – Electric Vehicle Classic Car Conversion – e-­Drive Retro has developed a proprietary EV drive train technology and a five-­step conversion process, requiring nominal maintenance and compliant with zero emissions  policies globally.

Founded by engineering and business thought leader Michael M. Richardson, e-­Drive Retro’s leadership team includes world-­class automotive engineers Harri Santamala, Chief Technology Officer and Ville Eskellinen, Principal EV Engineer. William Lieberman serves as Chief Financial Officer and Chris Faust as Chief Marketing Officer. e-­Drive Retro is recruiting additional talent regionally, while building strategic partnerships and a global EV supply-­chain.

“I am thrilled to share my life-­long passion for innovative design, technology, and iconic automobiles through the launch of e-­Drive Retro in Northern Europe,” said Founder and CEO, Michael M. Richardson. “My vision of marrying state-­of-­the-­art all electric drive-­train technology, control system software and The Internet of Things (IoT) with the iconic car designs of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s creates an entirely new class of authentic collectible automobiles which are not only timeless showpieces, but are also practical and reliable vehicles to enjoy driving every day, with a clean environmental conscience.”

e-­Drive Retro established technology feasibility of its core systems concepts through the restoration and meticulous EV-­Conversion of the Triumph GT6 Mk-­III which was specifically selected to serve as the firm’s first EV Systems Engineering Development Platform. To see pictures and videos of this remarkable example of the design ethos of the brand, please visit http://e-­driveretro.com/news/media-­library/. This vehicle has been shown publicly at numerous automotive forums in Finland (starting in September, 2015),     as well as being featured in multiple publications & languages across the region (e.g. Life in Estonia, Spring 2016). The GT6-­EV (license “E-DRIVE1”) will be featured at another test driving event near Helsinki on August 6th, contact us for details and a turn at the wheel of this captivating classic!

In addition to establishing a superbly qualified team of experienced professionals within the company, e-­Drive Retro has also entered into a channel partnership with Grips Garage, one of Finland’s most revered classic vehicle restoration specialists, to act as the central restoration garage for its classic car conversions in the region. “The public awareness of EV’s and the technical knowledge behind them has grown enormously in recent years. We think that the time is finally right to install electric drive trains into classic vehicles as well. We couldn’t have dreamt of a better partner for this pioneering step than e-Drive Retro,” said Oskari Åvall, Founder and CEO of Grips Garage. Similarly, e-­Drive Retro has plans to partner with, and potentially acquire, additional  geographically  strategic restoration operations, in order to best serve select key markets    worldwide.

e-­Drive Retro’s unique EV transformation process eliminates those hundreds of moving mechanical parts required by fossil fuel engines (with their  reciprocating  wear,  overheating, frequent failures and high maintenance expense), replacing them with less   than a dozen smoothly rotating, low maintenance EV components, all digitally controlled  for safety, efficiency and a truly responsive driving experience. In addition, these electric vehicles incorporate the most cutting-­edge onboard wireless telecommunications and Big Data gathering technology, enabling each converted classic to be remotely monitored for performance, safety and continuous engineering improvement through real-­world data.



e-­Drive Retro is pioneering a new class of rolling art in the electric automotive industry. This international company combines a passion for vintage cars with precision European engineering and a white glove  EV  transformation  methodology  to  convert  stylish,  iconic  cars of yesteryear into reliably high performing, smart connected, sustainable electronic vehicles of tomorrow. For more information, visit e-­driveretro.com.

Corporate Contact:

Michael Richardson
Estonia: +372 5 896 1648
Finland: +358 41 491 2577
USA: +1 917 355 9334

Media Contact:

Beth Amorosi
USA: +1 917 208 7489

Please Note: Photos & video available upon request.


e-Drive Retro replaces a vintage vehicle’s complete fossil fuel drivetrain with a robust Nordic-engineered plug-in electric drivetrain featuring a proprietary control and communications system that delivers an exhilarating and authentic driving experience, which can be enjoyed reliably with minimal maintenance.