At e-Drive Retro, we combine the timeless classic designs embodied in authentic automotive masterpieces with contemporary precision-engineered Plug-In EV Drivetrain technology (e.g. high-performing, electric and software-controlled drivetrain and regenerative braking) to transform these iconic vintage vehicles into routinely driveable collectibles that are also, the easiest-to-maintain and most fun to drive automobiles on the road!

In essence, e-Drive Retro is breaking the resto-mod car barrier by transforming actual vintage vehicles (meticulously restored with period-correctness) into future-proofed classics featuring a proprietary electronic vehicle (EV) drivetrain and a precise, sensor-based control system. These modern marvels require nominal maintenance and offer the highest levels of automotive performance.

In addition, e-Drive Retro’s Team of top international automotive/EV professionals have extensive experience pioneering some of the world’s most demanding electric vehicles, such as:

  • The first road-legal hybrid taxi called CityCab; and
  • The Electric Race About (ERA), a 4 motor all-wheel drive, torque-vectoring supercar which remains the fastest road legal EV timed at the famous German track Nürburgring

e-Drive Retro’s end-to-end transformation process removes hundreds of moving mechanical parts, with their wear and maintenance expense, replacing them with less than a dozen high performing, energy conserving, moving EV components, all digitally controlled for safety and a truly responsive driving experience. In addition, our electronic vehicles feature the latest in wireless telecommunications and Big Data gathering technology, enabling owners and eDrive Retro to remotely monitor each car for performance and updates.

In summary, the collectible cars transformed by e-Drive Retro feature engineering superiority and proprietary EV componentry more sophisticated than what is available otherwise through do-it-yourselfers, or resto-mod shops.


e-Drive Retro replaces a vintage vehicle’s complete fossil fuel drivetrain with a robust Nordic-engineered plug-in electric drivetrain featuring a proprietary control and communications system that delivers an exhilarating and authentic driving experience, which can be enjoyed reliably with minimal maintenance.