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At e-Drive Retro, we combine the vintage, iconic nature of classic cars with modern and environmentally sustainable electric technology. Our converted cars are compliant with emission regulations around the world that seek to ban petrol-powered vehicles.

Our Electric classics do not require the kind of endless maintenance and costly tinkering typical of the gasoline-powered originals.  Maintenance costs are dramatically reduced in cost and frequency as a result. Simply charging your vehicle is nearly the only regular maintenance required!  In addition, because e-Drive Retro vehicles feature no internal combustion power (no “Hybrid’s” here) your classic is more easily stored between seasons if you prefer.

Our one-of-a-kind transformative process includes style mapping, 3D CAD modeling, Agile Virtual Prototyping, Vehicle Dynamic Simulation and use of a 3D laser scanner to ensure an exact fit for every new EV component and to maintain each car’s 100% authenticity.


e-Drive Retro replaces a vintage vehicle’s complete fossil fuel drivetrain with a robust Nordic-engineered plug-in electric drivetrain featuring a proprietary control and communications system that delivers an exhilarating and authentic driving experience, which can be enjoyed reliably with minimal maintenance.